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Spencer Brook Studio Equipment Sell Off

No Reasonable offer refused!!

 I’m ready to sell and I have a trailer that would help you move some of the equipment.

All prices are negotiable and all the equipment is not listed here All prices are negotiable and none have even been set yet. This is top rate, handmade equipment. The more you buy, the less you pay. The faster you move it out of my building the less you pay.

1 annealer 48 x 30 x 20 inches deep. 6 elements

1 annealer 48 x 28 by 12 inches deep, 4 elemnets

1 annealer20 x 18 8 inches deep, 3 elements, Each unit has a thermocouple, a Love 1000 Controler. Excelent controlers, never failed once.

Extra elements, and original blue prints which I used to build the annealers.  Doors are counter balanced.

One large blower large enough to power a 250 # day tank, a very large glory hole and a pipe warmer with lots of headroom to power other ubuts.

Large glory hole. Inside dimension 17 in. dia. 27 inches deep. Cashable floor material. 15 in. dia ring on front of glory holes. 4 inch thick hard board, 2 piece doors with handles that extend out to where the blower can open and close them with ease. Hung on pulleys so one hand is enough. Littleton rolling yoke mounted on a very heavy base which runs on 2 tracks. Can be easily altered to be 32 inches deep.

Pipe warmer large enough to warm 15 t0 20 pipes or puntils.

One Marver, 30 x 48 by ½ inch steel. One 12 by 24 inch heated marver. One side is 12 x 12 x 1 inchthe other side is 12 x 12 x ¼ inch. This puppy get hot, even hot enough to get an optic mold ready for a good size cane pick up;.

Large 48 x 34 x 34 in Blast it All sandblaster with door on either side,

Four optic molds, very small to the largest that Steinert makes.

10hp Ingersoll Rand Compressor. 80 or 100 gal. tank.

Glass blowers bench, the high style.

2 Rose Industries reciprolaps, one set up for 800 grit and on for polishing with cerium. Very low hours of use. As flat as they were the day I opened the box. Lots of accoutrements, for keeping your pieces apart, plenty of 800 grit and Cerium. One has a 2 inch thick hinged top to allow for access to your work without having to disturb the plastic sheeting around the sides. Both come with almost new splash guards.

Two heavy grinding tables. One for Cerium, set up with 8in dia. x 4 inch wide, expandable rubber wheels for silicon carbide or diamond belts and felt wheels for the last step in the “Spherical Miracle” set. Also has a set of diamond wheels, 4 in. dia. For cutting out punties or doing the sort of work pictured on Andy’s announcement. It has cork belts and a felt wheel for polishing your bottoms. There is also a 4 way drip system for each wheel. All of the Cerium is on one machine and all the rubber wheels and 4” to 6” steel diamond wheels. Extra belts of varying grits.

One large fairly flat 2 inch thick grinding wheel that uses grits from 60 to 800. Which has it’s own drip system.

The furnace is not in good shape but does work. A clever guy or gal could take it apart and rebuild it. It’s a Henry Halem design so you have to cut it apart. The arches are at least 2 inches thick and have 10 inches of fiber blanket. I believe they could be removed in one piece. If I were going to use it I would take the top off and drop a pot in it and invest the pot. I have the blueprints and the molds for the arches. It also has a complete combustion and safety system with extra parts, (purple peeper, platinum thermocouples, flame watcher, valve motor, read outs, and parts to convert from natural gas to propane should you be rural). The door rolls and is 2 pieces that ride together. They can be separated if you like to gather from the middle. There is a round access between the doors that is covered by a small door that holds to two larger pieces together. It was designed this way so it could be used as a small glory hole in a pinch. Buy the blower and the safety system and I might throw in the furnace for free.

A huge tool box which is almost new.

Almost everything you need to start your shop. I’m sure I have forgotten some extras as my memory sucks. I have what they call “Chemo Brain”. You’ll find some extras when you inspect the equipment, like kiln furniture and lots of Kugler stick cut up for making small pieces as well as several specialized tools for equipment building

It can’t hurt to have a look and make an offer. I’m ready to move this stuff out of my building

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